Japanese Company Introduces Vertical Sleeping Pods

For people who love napping, a new innovation may be a dream come true. The Giraffenap is a creation that allows a person to sleep vertically and take power naps during the day. 

Japanese corporations can have an incentive to introduce this technology into the offices since a few hours of rest can improve concentration and work efficiency. The country is known for its insane work schedule where work-life balance is pretty much non-existent.

Productivity can come at the expense of one’s health and overall well-being. Some Japanese workers have been turning to taking short power naps to zap their focus back and boost their energy levels. The goal is to avoid deep sleeping but squeeze some rest into a packed day. 

To try to get ahead of the curb, Giraffenap has begun setting up vertical sleeping pods in cafés across the country. The vertical orientation allows for the object to be placed in tight cafes and small restaurants. They take up very little space and sleeping while standing can ensure that the person doesn’t fall into a deep sleep. They can easily get up from a standing position after the power nap. 

The Gireaffenap pod comes with an alarm system that can be set by the user and there are support points for the different parts of the body to maintain the upright position when napping. 

The pod can work well for people since it features a height adjustment system so that anyone can attain the perfect posture while sleeping in it. 

Customers can choose from a plain white model and a traditional bamboo design. They both deliver sound insulation and a built-in ventilation system. There is also background noise to put the person to sleep in a soothing manner.  

If Giraffenap is a hit in the cafés, it could be rolled out to other areas soon. 

Source: https://g-nap.com/en/