Vegan Neighbor Refuses to Get Rid of Child’s Lice

Being vegan certainly has its benefits but it can also lead to some insane practices. A woman sparked a debate online after she discovered that her neighbor wouldn’t treat her child’s head lice because she’s vegan.

Although this story came up a handful of years ago, it recently resurfaced due to the sheer outrage it’s caused online. Some believe the story is absolutely crazy, while others can see where the mother is coming from.

Most people have gotten lice at least once in their lives. It’s a pretty miserable experience having to use the stench-riddle shampoo and having your mother sift through your hair with an electrified comb. Well, one mother decided to forgo the treatment to save the lice because she’s vegan.

Instead of the typical harsh treatments to get rid of lice, she combs them into the garden where they have a “better chance of survival.”

The woman wrote online: “I’m pretty easygoing — which kid doesn’t get nits every now and then? — and casually mentioned it to her mum thinking she’d jump right on it. To my surprise, this woman said that not only did she know about her daughter’s condition but refused to do anything about it.

“Vegans don’t kill any living things, is the reasoning. My neighbour told me she was in the practice of combing the lice and nits into the garden where they had a chance of survival. My jaw hit the floor.

“What do I do now? I don’t want to separate the kids but there’s no way ‘combing them into the garden’ is going to work (industrial-grade pesticide barely works) and I don’t want my daughter covered in vermin.”

People online tried to help the mother by jokingly advising her to try to set up a “hairdresser’s party” in the bathroom for the children. That way, she could comb out the nits for good but she still could face the neighbor’s wrath if she were to find out.

She was also advised to use deterrents to try and keep the parasites off her own daughter’s scalp. That move is probably for the best unless she wants to be combing nits out of her daughter’s hair moving forward.

Source: https://coach.nine.com.au/lifecoach/vegan-head-lice/db24ab52-04e5-4136-bfee-5a1f702894ec