Texas Man Caught in Photos After Stealing Trail Camera

Trail cameras are meant to capture animals in their natural environment, not people in their bedrooms. A Texas man was arrested after he stole a game camera that continued to take photos of him inside of his home.

The Live Oak Police Department shared several photos taken of the man on Facebook. Officers reported that the man seen in the less-than-flattering photos “knowingly stole” the city-owned camera.

“Remarkably, the camera is still sending images to the police department, and it’s believed the suspect is unaware of this,” the police department said.

In the photos shared online, a tattooed man can be seen sitting shirtless on a bed. A woman can also be spotted lying in the bed. A photo of the man’s vehicle was also shared in the post, which was most likely taken before the camera was stolen.

Since the post was uploaded, the man was located and arrested for his crime but his identity has yet to be shared.