Woman Pulls Down Pants During Flight From Florida

Some people just want to bear it all no matter the circumstances. A woman decided to terrify everyone onboard a flight from Florida to Pennslyvania when she pulled her pants down in the middle of the aisle.

Julie Hartman, a passenger on the Frontier Airlines flight leaving from Orlando, Florida, heading to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, posted two videos of the incident on Facebook. She wrote that she had “the most awful experience flying home from Florida.”

In the video, the woman ‘apologizes’ before pulling down her pants and squatting in the middle of the aisle in an attempt to relieve herself. “I got to go pee!” the woman yelled to other passengers who were clearly distressed by the move.

“A passenger was upset… and decided to pull her pants down on the plane right in front of two children. She threatened to kill another passenger. She threatened me after I told her to sit down,” Hartman wrote.

The woman proceeded to scream obscenities and threatened to urinate on the plane throughout both videos. While it’s unclear as to what happened to the woman, Hartman said that she hoped the woman was arrested and banned from flying again.