Friday The 13th Marathon | Get The Flick Outta Here #73

In honor of today’s date, Alex decided to watch the first 10 installments in the Friday the 13th Franchise in the span of three days.

Kate, did not. Because she is a fraidy cat. And because she loves herself too much.

So today, Alex will attempt to tell Kate the full story of Jason Voorhees and his murderous rampage against horned-up teens, being murdered by an adolescent Corey Feldman, being brought back from the dead via lightning bolt, being tethered to the bottom of a lake, being resurrected again via a teenage with telekinetic powers (no, really), being tethered to the bottom of the same lake AGAIN, being brought back to life via an underground power cable, taking a cruise to New York, being sent back in time (maybe?) by a flood of toxic waste, becoming a demonic spirit possessing the bodies of his long-lost relatives, and finally being frozen for 450 years and then sent to space.

Also, he was in a movie with Freddy Kruger but Alex didn’t watch that one.

But the question remains, will Alex tell Kate that he wants to Get The Flick(s) Outta Here? There’s only one way to find out!

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